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Our commitment: to fulfill the energy demands of businesses, communities, and the agricultural sector

CVE is an independent, multi-country, multi-energy producer of renewable energies. The group develops, finances and builds solar power plants and methanization units, and operates them independently over the long term. CVE’s aim is to create the energy models of tomorrow by producing local renewable energies to meet the needs of suppliers, businesses and local authorities, in a direct energy sales model.

CVE is a B Corp, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company. The group has an international presence through its subsidiaries in South Africa, Chile, the United States and Spain.

CVE South Africa is an international Independent Power Producer (IPP) with offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

We specialize in engineering, financing, constructing, and operating photovoltaic systems to provide commercial off-takers with eco-friendly energy solutions. Our team is motivated by a passion for promoting environmental and social wealth through socially equitable, economically viable and ecologically responsible practices.

We advocate for a decentralized power production market and direct energy sales model, fuelling our activities with the power of renewable energy.

A rainbow nation team with international expertise

At CVE South Africa, our team is dedicated to achieving the highest levels of environmental and qualitative performance while promoting South Africa’s energy transition to a secure, load shedding-free, and low-carbon energy system. We take pride in offering our clients a tailored and comprehensive service that meets their unique needs.
As part of the CVE Group, we draw upon our parent company’s expertise in engineering, financing, constructing, and operating ground-mounted solar installations in communities for over 12 years. With 639 MW in operations and construction across South Africa, France, Chile, Spain, and the United States as of December 31, 2022, the CVE Group is a leader in the renewable energy industry. Above all, CVE South Africa is a group of highly motivated and committed individuals who share core values and work together as a team to deliver exceptional results for our sector.

Putting people and the planet at the centre of tomorrow’s energy

At CVE South Africa, our team is committed to our Purpose & Objects:
‘Putting people and the planet at the centre of tomorrow’s energy.’ To achieve this, we focus on three objectives that have a positive impact on our environment and society as we pursue renewable energy projects:

An Environmental Impact:

By producing renewable energy to help the commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors move towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy source while limiting CVE’s own environmental impact.

A Human Impact:

By putting people at the heart of CVE’s business projects to promote individual and collective fulfilment, encourage excellence and foster commitment among each other.

A Social Impact:

By building the energy models of tomorrow, helping local communities change how they consume energy, ensuring operational continuity to preserve jobs, and combating global warming.

Meet the team

René Laks

Fredrik Hagelberg

Evedance Musana

Taryn Kramer

Pumeza Tshangela

Timothy Vaughan-Jones

Our mission as a team is to provide a tailored solution that meet the energy needs of businesses, local governments, and the agricultural sector, while mitigating the impact of human activities on the climate.

Our 2022 Integrated Report

Our 2022 integrated report highlights our expertise and achievements, incorporating input from our esteemed clients and employees. It also reflects our dedication to integrating financial and non-financial aspects into our strategic vision and business model.

Our Principles and Values

Benevolence & Honesty
We always strive to engage with each other through acts of Benevolence & Honesty.

Autonomy & Trust
We prioritize informed decision-making and trust in a culture of autonomy
We encourage continuous learning and growth through collaborative knowledge-sharing and professional development opportunities, including feedback sharing, training, and skills development.
Open-Mindedness & Pragmatism
We prioritize active listening, open-mindedness, and pragmatism to encourage adaptability and responsiveness.
We prioritize transparent communication with both internal and external stakeholders, we believe in open communication.

Sustainable balance
Through our actions and our projects, we seek to ensure a sustainable balance between the environment, living things and human society.

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