Kotze en Baard

122 kWp Solar

228.8 kWh of Battery Storage

General Information

    • Location: Ladismith, Western Cape
    • Project Size: 122 kWp
    • Battery Size: 228.8 kWh
    • Estimated annual production: 215.0 MWh

Environmental Benefits

  • Annual CO2 Reduction: 227.9 tonnes

Technical Information

  • Number of Panels: 222
  • Number of Inverters: 2
More about the project: Located in Ladismith, a Little Karoo region of South Africa’s Western Cape province, Kotze en Baard is a dried fruit processing plant and farm offering a delightful array of products. In addition to its renowned dried fruit range, the farm yields superb stone fruits that are highly sought after, particularly within the Montague Dried Tree Fruit range. Another specialty lies in crafting a unique and delectable range of sun-dried tomatoes, a very popular product.

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