Pick n Pay Steeledale


General Information

    • Location: Steeledale, Johannesburg
    • Project Size: 1.02MW
    • Annual Estimated Production: 1 671 MWh

Environmental Benefits

  • Annual CO2 Reduction: 1 503 450 kg


  • Total expected yearly savings: 20% reduction in electricity bill

Technical Information

  • Number of Solar Panels: 3092
  • Number of Inverters: 32 x 27.6kW unit
More about the project:
Steeledale is a small suburb situated in the south of Johannesburg, South Africa. The suburb is known for its industrial activity, with many factories and warehouses located in the area. One of the most notable features of the suburb is the Pick n Pay Hypermarket shopping centre, which is one of the largest retail centres in the area.
The solar PV system on the Pick n Pay Hypermarket shopping centre in Steeledale is a shining example of how renewable energy can be used to power commercial and industrial properties in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

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