Viking Park

512 kW

General Informations

  • Location: Epping, Cape Town
  • Total Project Size: 512 kW
  • Annual Estimated Production: 710 MWh

Environmental Benefits

  • Annual CO2 Reduction: 697 972 kg


  • Total expected yearly savings: 20% reduction in electricity bill


Technical Information

  • Number of Solar Panels: 1527
  • Number of Inverters: 8 (36KTL & 60KTL) units

More about the project:
Located at the corner of Viking Way and Showground Road in Epping, is a diverse mix of retail, offices, and light industrial facilities serving the broader Epping and Elsiesriver market. The park is host to major banks, the South Africa Post Office and other similar operators. One of the unique features of the Epping Industrial Park is its commitment to sustainability. The park has secured a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contract, which allows it to generate renewable energy on-site and reduce its reliance on the grid.


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